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Cherry Cookies is an indica predominant crossover strain made through intersection the exemplary Cherry Pie X Girl Scout Cookies #2. Albeit rare in your normal market, Cherry Cookies is one bud that you’ll need to pursue its astonishing flavor! Cherry Cookies has a taste that is astoundingly similar to its name. With a nutty suggestion complemented by new cherries and berries. The fragrance takes an impactful natural turn, acquiring skunky florals and rich sweet berries. Cherry Cookies buds have little round backwoods green nugs with light golden hairs and a covering of minuscule golden hued gem trichomes.

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In addition the Cherry Cookies high is a lot of like what you would anticipate from a Girl Scout Cookies relative, with euphoric impacts joined by a loosening up body buzz. It begins with a temperament help that lifts your spirits and leaves you feeling content. With a feeling of inventive vitality. As this impact begins to smooth, a somewhat shivery body high will wash over you.

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Lastly, Loosening up your whole physical structure without causing sofa lock. Be that as it may, you’ll feel entirely languid in this state and not liable to move. With these impacts and its high 14-23% THC level, Cherry Cookies is ideal for rewarding incessant agony, hunger misfortune, queasiness, and issues.



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  1. Zoey517

    My favorite Always the hardest to find anywhere! Thanks for the delivery and in got here in time i will come back for more

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