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Firstly, Buy Mac1, otherwise called “Miracle Alien Cookies X1.” Is an equitably adjusted cross breed strain (half indica/half sativa). Made as a backcross of the notorious MAC strain. This superstar youngster takes the darling impacts of MAC. And amps it up an indent to an unheard of level. With a very lifted inclination that will make them fly ever more elevated the more that you toke.

The high beginnings in the head with a hurrying elation that fills your psyche with a far reaching satisfaction, tenderly backing ceaselessly negative or dashing contemplations and supplanting them with innovative inspiration and unadulterated bliss. A loosening up body high goes with this cerebral lift, keeping you fastened to the world underneath as your psyche takes off ever more elevated into space.

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Furthermore, In mix with its very high 20-23% normal THC level, these substantial impacts make MAC 1 ideal for rewarding those experiencing conditions, for example, incessant torment, disposition swings, ceaseless weariness, discouragement and constant pressure. This bud has an exemplary harsh diesel flavor with a zesty home grows a hint.  This highlights a sweet citrus.

Lastly, The smell is fundamentally the same as, in spite of the fact that. With a substantial impactful suggestion that waits long after your last toke. Mac1 buds have adjusted cushioned dim olive green nugs with rich purple hints. Dainty orange hairs and a covering of small white precious stone trichomes.




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