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Firstly, Lemon Sherb Cake, not to be mistaken for “Lemon Cheesecake,” is a sativa prevailing half and half strain. Made through intersection the delightful Lemon OG with the ground-breaking Jesus OG strain. In case you’re searching for a delectable flavor and a kick of wake-and-heat impacts, you’ve discovered it!

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Lemon Sherb Cake has a taste that is genuinely one of a kind, with sweet vanilla. And splendid citrus moving over your tongue with each scrumptious toke. The smell is exceptionally sweet and citrusy with a bit of hearty flavors as the nugs separates and consume.

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In addition, the Lemon Sherb Cake high is similarly as scrumptious as the flavor, with enlightening impacts that will get you up and moving very quickly. Lemon Sherb  Cake has a splendid beginning that injects you with a feeling of satisfaction in both brain and body. You’ll feel a lift in rapture that is joined by a dash of vitality and core interest. A few clients will encounter an expansion in imagination now, with impacts that loan themselves well to any aesthetic endeavor.

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Lastly, n account of these impacts and its high 19-20% normal THC level, Lemon Cake is regularly pick to treat conditions, for example, incessant pressure, melancholy, sickness or craving misfortune, ceaseless weariness, and cerebral pains or headaches. This bud has cushy neon green heart-formed nugs with dainty yellowish hairs and a covering of completely clear trichomes.




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