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Firstly, INDICA-Dominant – Bred by Cookie Fam Genetics of California, London Poundcake’s definite hereditary qualities stay an exclusive mystery. It is known to be an Indica predominant strain with a THC content coming to up to 31%. And a sweet berry, pine and stream fuel like fragrance.

Furthermore, the thick, trichome rich buds of London Poundcake will cushion up pleasantly when ground up. And produce a solid cerebral rapture while keeping the client centered Invigorated. Without a care in the world – an extraordinary strain for daytime use.

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In addition, london Pound Cake cookies was developed for its one of a kind appearance, smell, and taste. Like nothing you’ve smelled or tasted before in the Washington DC zone, these dull green and purple nugs will overpower your faculties with a gassy, sweet, blueberry and lemongrass fragrance and flavor.

In conclusion, at the best website available an ideal crossover for whenever of day. LPC  originates from a cross between Nepali OG x Sunset Sherbert and is only available at Exoticcannabis. London Poundcake is an indica dominant hybrid strain created through crossing the delicious Sunset Sherbet with another indica-heavy hybrid strain. Named for its insanely delicious flavor, London Poundcake packs a sweet berry. And grape flavor accented by nutty lemon and citrus. The aroma is earthy and woody, with hints of nutty lemon and fruity berries throughout.

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Lastly, the London Poundcake high is just as delightful as the flavor, with calming and centers effects that are both relaxing and lifting in nature. You’ll feel a light lift at the onset of the high that fills you with a calming sense of centered focus, gently easing away negative or racing thoughts immediately. As your mind settles, a relaxing body high will sneak up on you, lulling you into a slightly couch-locked state that doesn’t cause too much sedation or sleepiness at all


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